1. Welcome

a. Right place / class
b. Limited computers, seating arrangements
c. Brief reminder of who we are and why we are here. (ProSkills replace)
d. About course:
i. all digital;
ii. still adding materials, deciding on due dates, etc.
iii. limited Bb (submit portfolio links, use discussion forum)
iv. Google dependent
e. Class routine: plans

2. Introductions:

a. Sort
b. Interview
i. name, f/l and preferred first
ii. hobbies
iii. why COSC / motivation
iv. cosc / focus / concentration
v. favorite animal (or whatever)
c. Introduce to class: 30 seconds

3. If you have a Google Account, go here and fill out this form.

4. If you don't have a Google Account, sign up for one.

a. Then go here to fill out the form.

5. When I have all your gmail addresses, I will send you an email with a link to a Google Drive folder.

a. Follow the link and create a new folder inside that folder.
b. Name your folder this way:[LastName]_MW_SP19_3310.

6. About me!

a. how we are going to use these folders and Google Drive;
b. "communication," "communicating," "representing," "writing";
c. course / class environment
d. adults, professionals, responsible, independence

7. With the remaining time in this class, go to your Class Folder and create a new document. Name it [LastName]_Introduction_Personal_v1

a. Draft a letter to classmates and to me (eg. Dear Classmates and Mr. B,) in which you respond to the prompts below as a way to introduce yourself more fully. Remember that this is a course about writing as a professional, so use sentences and say more rather than less. Single spaced, please.
i. Name
ii. Major / Emphasis
iii. Class (sophomore, junior, senior)
iv. Experience with writing (school, work, personal)
v. Experience with presentations (school, work, personal)
vi. Work?
vii. Courses this semester?
viii. What do you read to learn about new developments in IT?
ix. What do you know about Agile methodology or Scrum as a workplace environment?

If you finish early, read materials in our class wiki-links (left sidebar): Syllabus, Info, and assignment page. If you have questions about any of the material, post your question in the Bb discussion forum for ongoing questions. (Subscribe to this in Bb)

Note Assignment for Wednesday