If you were not here on Monday, please follow along with a classmate. I can talk to you later in the class or after.

  • In small groups (folks around you), compile questions you have about course materials you reviewed for today (homework). We will discuss your group's questions as a whole class.
    • Please be sure to refer to the specific parts of course materials that generated the question or the "lack" of information where you expected it.
  • Form groups of three. Read the draft introductory letters from your group mates.
    • Using the comment feature in Google Docs, point to one interesting bit of information and tell why it's interesting to you.
    • Identify one place where you can get to know more and explain why.
  • Compile your ideas in your group for class discussion.
  • Review the Assignment list (noting that due dates are yet to be scheduled) and be sure we understand our potential work for next week.

For Saturday: