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'''Bonus Info: %newwin%[[|Jobs of the Future]]
'''Bonus Info: %newwin%[[|Jobs of the Future]]'''
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'''Bonus Info: %newwin%[[|Jobs of the Future]]
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** '''Goal For Today:''' Create ''instructions'' for synthesizing your PC#1 documents into PC#2.
*** Instructions (or directions) are a specific kind of technical writing. Lets discuss as a class how they work best and how to make them appropriate for your teams.
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'''Tentative Agenda:'''

* Follow up on AGILE implementation
** How will groups operate?
** How can we identify roles within groups?
** Where should we document these decisions?
** KEY IDEAS (from your writing): effective communication, scrum master task assignment, feedback from testers,

* Begin looking forward to Professionals Communicating assignments
** What work can we conduct with teammates in class?
** What do you need to research on your own in order to be successful?

* Professional Development heads-up!

*Forming work teams for semester?
*Speed dating for team members?
**Ideal groupmates?
**My strengths / Pick me?

*Groups, if formed: folders @group##
**One document, group members' names

* Discuss accountability memos
** Self-directed
** Quasi-drafting for Portfolio Overview Memo


Due Saturday:
* Professionals Communicating #3
* Professional Development: Interview
* Professional Development: About Me
* Weekly Accountability Memo