Text and Materials


''An Islander's Guide to Writing. Susan Murphy, ed. Fountainhead Press. 2008. ''Writing Intensive: Essentials for College Writers. Maimon & Peritz. McGraw Hill. 2009.

These texts are available at the bookstore on campus. Any other texts used in this class will be provided during class or online.


  • Flat (not three-ring) folders for submitting portfolio assignments. (You may reuse the same folder for each portfolio, but it is certainly in your better interest to save completed work for future reference!)
  • Access to University Network and an active University e-mail account.
  • Appropriate / compatible media to save and transport computer files among computers on campus and / or between home and campus.
  • Sanddollar card (with adequate funds) to print on campus
  • Be sure and always bring a pen and paper, in case of computer difficulties and so that you may be able to jot down notes if you wish.