For the third part of this assignment you will be submitting a proposal based on the information you gathered for your research journal. Below are some key points from chapter 12 I feel will help you write your proposals:

  • "In their simplest form, proposal arguments should look something like this: A should do B because of C. Our student government (A) should endorse the Academic Bill of Rights (B) because students should not be punished in their courses for their reasonable political views (C)" (Lunsford & Ruszkiewicz 2013, pg.275).
  • Please see the three main characteristics of proposals on page 276, and also note that "proposals always call for some kind of action. They aim at getting something done or-sometimes preventing something from being done" (pg. 276).
  • Keep your audience in mind when writing your proposal!
  • Your proposals should be feasible, meaning "the action that is proposed can be carried out in a reasonable way" (pg. 287). Also, you can use personal experience, but I would keep it to a minimum. You will be writing an academic argument, so you will need to refrain from writing in the first person to avoid bias with your audience.
  • Finally, please use the "Guide to Writing a Proposal" on pages 290-294 when writing your proposals.
  • The proposal should be around 2 pages in length and formatted according to APA guidelines.
  • See here for more details.