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SeanBritt: ThesisStatementActivity

Thesis Practice

  1. Get in groups of 3.
  2. Come up with an outrageous/weird opinion statement (If you can't think of your own, try this: "Americans poop incorrectly!" Then research it). See if you can build a thesis around it that includes:
    • Your unique idea about the issue
    • The arguments you are going to make in support of that opinion
    • Possibly, a counter-argument
    • The "why," or what explanation you want people to realize now that you've given them some evidence from primary sources

Here's an example:

  • Your topic:
  • Your opinion on the issue
    • We haven't found a cure for snoring, even though it's the biggest problem in the world. Ever.
  • The arguments you are going to make in support of that opinion
    • People lose sleep and then they lose their minds (snorer horror)
    • People don't want to cure snoring because they would rather have an excuse to complain about each other (snoring counseling)
  • The main counter-argument
    • Health problems related to snoring, such as obesity, sleep apnea, or breathing problems, are the focus of medical research (medical history)
  • The "why"
    • Snoring has been tolerated for so long because people underestimate it's potential to ruin relationships and undermine productivity.

Using these parts, I could build a thesis statement such as this: "Snoring, as both a medical and social problem, has never been cured because people overcomplicate things."

OK, now that you have an idea, go ahead and come up with your thesis statement. You'll present them to the class for discussion, so designate a spokesperson!

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