It's Week Four ! Crazy, huh?

  • Question, Comments, Concerns?

Coming of Age quiz! Are you ready?!

What is Academic Discourse?

  • Let's look at your Rhetorical Analyses so far and see if they fit this concept!
    • I have peer review sheets for those of you who brought your essay with you.
    • Let's also discuss what's in this and how it reflects the rubric criteria!

Organized Chaos

  • Let's talk about making a Finding Guide (time permitting...)


  • For Mayra's class: the Rhetorical Analysis Essay is due Friday, 2/15 by 3pm in my office (FC126). I will be collecting them for her since she won't be here!
  • Exam #1 is Thursday, February 21st (ONE week from today)! Be prepared!
  • Scholarship Opportunities!
  • Coastal Bend Social Forum