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Reflect and discuss

  • The History lectures for the early 20th century describe an America that is struggling with Nativism and fear of immigrants and non-whites.
    • This is a theme that persists through much of American history!
    • I'd like to show you a video that explores how we negotiate some of these things in society.
  • When we're done, I'd like you to freewrite in response to it.

Exam Return and Reflection

  • I will hand back your exam near the end of class today.
    • Make sure to read the comments carefully. Please wait 24 hours before contacting me to discuss the grade you earned.


  • Read Chapters 16 & 17 of Coming of Age in Mississippi (COAM) for Tuesday's Reading Response!
  • Short Answer #2 due at the beginning of large lecture today!
  • Coming of Age Take Home Essay due Thursday, March 7th at your student conferences!
  • Keep this in perspective...