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%center color=darkgreen%'''[++[=Influential Writing=]++]'''

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* Discuss genre, audience, context, purpose.

** Use 1st day writing and examples of terrible writing to analyze these concepts
** Work with partners to create discussion about why these things are important, but also why they are obscure to consumers of writing.

** Importance of understanding your audience is fundamental to successful communication (e.g. %newwin%[[Comic Books|KS vid]])

* Discuss writing process!

** Apply Lamott to writing expectations in college v. high school
** In what ways does %newwin%[[|Lamott's piece]] ask you to think differently about your writing?

* Freewrite: Let's look at how language %newwin%''[[Second Freewite|works]]...''

'''Summarize and Synthesize''': How did this piece ''go out and make something happen?'' What specific ''problems'' does it address?



* Be prepared to ''write'' on Tuesday.

*READ pp. 15-34 in your text, ''Naming What We Know''. '''Come to class on '''Thursday''' prepared to contribute thoughtfully to our discussion. You may want to jot some of your thoughts down on paper, or even as annotations in the margins of your text!'''