• Questions/Comments/Concerns?
  • Quiz time! Please put everything away.

So, what's this Rhetorical Analysis assignment you've heard about?

  • Let's take a few minutes and review the assignment briefly.
    • You will go over this assignment in more depth in the coming Comp class meetings.
  • Let's put those rhetorical skills to work! (Section 264, we'll be analyzing this book too!)
  • Analysis Activity - It's all about perspective!
    • What do primary sources tell us about the past?
    • How are we certain that we can trust these sources?


  • Make sure to stay on top of the reading! For Seminar next Tuesday, make sure and read Chapters 2 and 3 of the Slave Ship. We will spend the next class discussing these chapters.
    • Quiz in Seminar on Thursday 2/4 over chapters 2 and 3 of Slave Ship. Quiz will be given at the beginning of class. Please be on time and prepared. use the Triad E History Reading Guides to help you read ahead!
  • You will need THREE blue books for your exams in History 1301. You will need to have these to me by Thursday, February 4th.
    • DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME ON THEM - I will have a checklist to keep track of who has turned them in. If you do not turn them in, you will not be able to take the exam.
    • You can purchase them at the campus bookstore or the Islander bookstore(next to Stripes on Ennis Joslin)!