• Questions, comments?
  • Group Think !
  • Image Analysis Practice
  • Peer review session!
    • You should have 10-15 minutes to peer review your partner's paper!
    • Your other copy is for me for participation credit!


  • Exam II : Tuesday, March 26th ! Mark your calendars !
  • Next Coming of Age in Mississippi Quiz, Thursday March 28th ! Get your reading done this week :)
  • Student Archive Reflection: This is posted to help you write the personal reflection essay that will accompany your Student Archive. Keep the Archive on your radar, it is due on Tuesday, April 2nd at the beginning of large lecture.

SI Sessions w/Martha ! (CASA, 108B)

  • Monday: 1-1:50; and
  • Tuesday 2-2:50pm;
  • Wednesday 12-12:50.