Its Exam day!

  • Mrs. Burnett will be in the office from 9:30am-noon and from 2-3pm and I will be in my office from 9am-noon and 2-3pm. Please feel free to come by our offices for our assistance on the online assignment due for Section 254, for exam questions, or for any other concerns!
  • Section 254: The Assignment
  • In lieu of Seminar and Comp TODAY (EXAM DAY) you have an assignment you need to complete.
    • This assignment will count toward your grade in Composition and toward your attendance grade in Seminar! :)
    • This assignment is due on

Good luck on the exam!! Do your best!


  • Make sure you have read pages 2-5, and pages 8-51 of Incidents by next Tuesday, April 5th! We will be discussing the reading in depth in Seminar!
    • Seminar quiz #4, over these pages, is scheduled for Thursday, April 7th!