Primary Document Analysis - this assignment will count as 5% of your grade in "Learning Community Assignments"

Who is Eleanor Roosevelt?

Pictured: Eleanor Roosevelt's My Day Daily Newspaper Column, the Blog of the Depression-era

Thinking about her columns today, and the echoes of her words in the speeches of both Obamas, I had an interesting thought about Eleanor. Her My Day columns were really the first blog. In those pre-blog-o-sphere, Depression days, she connected with people on a daily basis through her columns. She also received over 300,000 letters from her readers and from children during the Depression. That's one hell of a social network. People wrote to her just as they would post comments on a blog today. Her column ran until 1936 to 1962; like bloggers today, she always connected her daily tasks and thoughts with larger issues. And like Mrs. Obama today, Mrs. Roosevelt practiced Recessionista dressing and style. When I was researching the first ladies Inaugural gowns for my blog, The Recessionista, I was fascinated to learn that Eleanor only had one Inaugural gown, and it was a classic, but not ostentatious, long blue dress. She passed on other Inaugural balls after the first term and had March of Dimes dinners instead. She was a lover of fine fashions, and she did buy some designer frocks, but never anything too attention getting or colorful. Her fashions definitely reflected the times. Very similar to Michelle Obama today who wears J. Crew and H&M mixed with a few designer staples. By Mary Hall, creator of The Recessionista Blog

Timeline :

thanks to Dawn Boeck for these plans!

Now that we know a little bit about Eleanor, we can more effectively analyze a primary document written by her.

Today you will be analyzing a document written by Eleanor Roosevelt - part of it is taken from her column, My Day and part of it is an excerpt from a speech she gave to a women's group regarding the same topic.

Your task is to read this document and thoughtfully answer the analysis questions on the Primary Document Analysis handout.

You will turn in your completed Primary Document Analysis today in class to be graded and returned on Tuesday. This assignment counts as 5% of your grade in Seminar.