First Year Celebration Day

Today is the annual First Year Celebration in the UC Ballroom!

  • Participation in class today is not mandatory, except that you need to visit the FYC.
    • For credit today, you'll be expected to turn in an observation form from the event.
    • Forms are available at the event itself. Each sheet will be printed on front and back; your job is to fill out one side based on a Triad K presentation and the other side with a presentation from another Triad.
    • Turn in completed forms to my office by 5pm today (Thursday).
  • If you have other questions about test material for history, I'll be in my office during regular class hours for you to visit individually or in small groups.
    • If you are having trouble with the material in this section, I encourage you to visit. This test is worth a large percentage of your History 1301 grade and you should take it very seriously!