• Today, I'd like you to SCRUM for the first 15 minutes of class, to organize your ideas about group presentations and the eventual Ethics project.
  • Afterward, we'll conduct the presentations for the day.
  • Finally, you'll have the opportunity to workshop your writing.
    • I'd like you to consider seeking feedback for revision if you've begun to compose interview and/or elevator responses.
    • If you want to practice with any of these, I can also serve as evaluator for you.
    • Use your time wisely!


  • Many of you will find that your Midterm Portfolio has been evaluated and a grade has been entered in Blackboard.
    • If not, yours will be finished later today.
    • For everyone, a printed rubric with some feedback will be returned to you on Tuesday.
    • Please save any questions until you have received your feedback!


  • My office hours will be moved back one hour tomorrow (to 1pm).
    • I will not be available from noon to 1.