For today's class, I would like you to begin preparing for Spring registration.

In order to receive attendance credit for today's class you need to type the following information and place it in the box outside my office door (FC 118) or give it to me no later than the beginning of Seminar on Tuesday, October 30.

  • Your first and last name
  • Your Seminar meeting time
  • Your major and academic advisor's name
  • Your planned schedule for Spring 2013 including class times and sections
  • When is the first available date and time you can register for classes? (This will vary depending on the number of hours you have completed!)
    • Do you have any holds which will prevent you from registering at the first available time?
    • What holds do you see on your record?
    • How can you clear your specific hold(s)?

Are you wondering how you can do all of this? The University has a nifty tool to help with this -- Degree Planner. I have instructions for you below, but you can also visit with one of the mentors in the Islander Transition Center for help. Some of you may need to visit with your academic advisor, as well.


  • Use your Blackboard Login to log into Degree Planner. This software uses your transcript information to keep track of your degree plan and lets you know which classes you need to take. It is pretty user friendly so do some poking around to figure it out. If you have questions or need help, you can use this Degree Planner Tutorial.
  • Read this information to find out how to register for classes.
  • Want to know how to check for holds which can prevent you from registering for classes?
  • View the class schedules for Spring.
  • Use this information to contact your academic advisor.