Moving On: Blowout!

  • We're going to start today with one of the Exam 3 Review Guide videos: Chicano Movement
    • Afterward, we'll use some materials from the time period to put ourselves in the shoes of the activists!
  • Reflecting on Tuesday's online activity, let's step back in time a bit and examine some student writing ;)
  • Each of you will get an article from Chicano students in the 60s.
    • Once you've read, you work with a partner that has a different reading
    • Your job will be to discuss what the two writings say and answer the following question on a scratch piece of paper:
    • Why did Chicano students use "Blowouts" to demonstrate their resistance?
    • Afterward, we'll discuss as a class!

Registration Time!

  • After we've jump-started the Chicano discussion, let's step back into the present and focus on next week's important business...
    • Registration!