Test Follow-Up Discussion

  • How did it go?
    • Are there any things we can discuss to help each other be even more prepared for the next Exam?

Moving to Angel Island

  • You should begin reading (at least through Chapter 2) of the text Angel Island this weekend!

Reflect and Discuss

  • Some of the History lecture describes a 19th century America that is struggling with human rights and civil justice (human trouble?).
    • This theme will persist and become even more problematic through the rest of the semester!
    • I'd like to show you a video that explores how we negotiate some of these things in society.
  • When we're done, I'd like you to freewrite in response to it.

So...How do we make change?


  • Hispanic Heritage Month Activities:
    • Latin Dance Night will take place Wednesday September 28 at the Hector P. Garcia Plaza from 5:30-7, it will include dance instructors, fruit cups, and drinks.
    • Loteria will also take place Wednesday October 5 at the Hector P. Garcia Plaza from 4-6, it will include prizes, cookies, and drinks.
  • The Bell Library will host an open house to celebrate Banned Books Week on Sept. 29, from 1 4 p.m. Visitors can participate in a cosplay costume contest from 2-3 p.m. and other games and contests. The event is free and open to the public.