Welcome Back,

you historically significant individuals!

Questions/Comments/ Concerns?

Be sure to turn in your essays at the beginning of large lecture and that your essays are printed and stapled !

Let's Begin with a discussion about your responses from Tuesday!

  • Let's see what you had to say...
  • Now let's hear some feedback from the class!

Introduce Student Archive

Basket O'Challenges ...

With two weeks under your belt, you should have plenty of information to share with your classmates. Today is your chance to PROVE IT to me and, more importantly, to yourselves!

  • Please get into groups based on my instructions...
  • Each team will be given a "challenge" to complete before the end of class. Then, each team will present their results!


SI Sessions with Martha Ruiz!
When: Mondays @noon; Tuesdays @1pm; Wednesdays @1pm
Where: Glasscock Building (CASA), Room 108A