Welcome Back,

you historically significant individuals!

Questions/Comments/ Concerns?

Be sure to turn in your essays at the beginning of large lecture and that your essays are printed and stapled !

Let's Begin with a discussion about your responses from Tuesday!

  • Let's see what you had to say...
  • Now let's hear some feedback from the class!

  • Standing Bear discussion!
  • What about the other people involved?
    • After looking at these images, what deductions can we make about individual traditions and cultural intersections?
  • Next, let's write a little to expand our understanding as we read ahead!


  • Final draft of the essay due TODAY in History/Large Lecture. Hard Copy ONLY.
  • Recommended history reading for the week of 9/8-9/13: I am a Man Chapters 3 and 4 (pages 51-104).
    • Your first reading quiz, over chapters 1-3 of I Am a Man, is scheduled for September 15th!
  • Bring me four blue books by next Tuesday, Sept 20th! Bring them to class, or to my office earlier in the week!