For your Triad C Final Portfolio -- which counts for 25% of your grade in Seminar and 20% of your grade in Composition -- your instructors would like you to reflect on your growth as a college student since August. Specifically, we'd like you to reflect on how you feel you've met the Learning Outcomes of each Triad course this semester.

Here are the Learning Outcomes for college student success in your Triad courses:


  • Reflect and integrate learning from learning community courses, including development of critical thinking skills, social and/or personal responsibility.
  • Interact with faculty and peers about substantive matters through daily activities and discussions.
  • Demonstrate competence of knowledge related to the learning community discipline(s) in a public forum.


  • Demonstrate understanding of threshold concepts in writing studies by applying their knowledge in composing and presenting texts for different rhetorical situations, self-assessing, and reflecting on their work
  • Demonstrate understanding of how the five kinds of knowledge about writing apply to their own work as composers, by self-assessing and reflecting
  • Plan and conduct research for specific rhetorical situations
  • Use results of research in texts they compose and present to achieve specific purposes with specific audiences.


  • Demonstrate critical thinking by combining, changing, or reapplying existing information, gathering and assessing information relevant to a question, and analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing information
  • Develop communication skills by interpreting and expressing ideas through written, oral, or visual communication
  • Demonstrate personal responsibility by evaluating historical choices and actions, and relating consequences to decision making
  • Develop social responsibility by identifying intercultural competence and civic responsibility in past regional, national, and global communities.

Think back to everything you've done this semester in ALL of your classes and extracurricular activities. How have you met each of the Outcomes listed above? (And what evidence could you use to demonstrate that learning process?)

How Should I Prepare For The Final Portfolio?

To prepare for your final portfolio, you will need to collect evidence to show us how (you think) you've met each of the Learning Outcomes. It would be better to OVER-prepare for this than to UNDER-prepare. Thus, you should probably collect multiple pieces of evidence for each Outcome listed above, in order to demonstrate your growth/development over the course of this semester. (Keep in mind, though, that a single piece of evidence could match up to several Outcomes!)

Part of your preparation might require you to meet with your instructor(s) to discuss some of the academic jargon found in the Outcomes themselves. You need to make sure you UNDERSTAND the Outcomes before you can find evidence that relates to them!

Please note: Your evidence could be from ANYWHERE (inside or outside of Triad C), but it has to be from this semester! Also, your instructors like to see a variety of evidence, so try to avoid focusing on one particular class or extracurricular activity!

When/Where Is The Final Exam?

  • You'll complete your Portfolio during your ENGL Final Exam period.
    • The schedule can be found here.

What Should I Bring To The Final Exam?

On your assigned final exam day, you will need to bring the following materials with you:

  • ALL of your possible evidence, either on a flash drive, emailed to yourself, or somewhere you can access it electronically, like your own laptop
  • Your brain and fingers. Be prepared to write.

What Will Happen During The Final Exam?

During the final exam, your instructor(s) will select THREE Learning Outcomes at random, one from each Triad course. You will then need to select evidence that shows how you have PROGRESSED on each of the three Outcomes over the course of the semester. You will TYPE a Reflective Overview (RO) that contains a section for EACH Learning Outcome that will walk your reader through your evidence, basically telling a story about how you have grown in relationship to the selected Outcome.

For example, if one of the Outcomes selected is "Interact with faculty and peers about substantive matters through daily activities and discussions," then you'll need to select evidence that demonstrates how you have practiced/developed those interactions over the course of the semester. This section of your RO would then include a discussion of each piece of evidence and where it fits in your overall progression on that Outcome.

Your RO should also have an introduction and a conclusion to tie things together. It should read like ONE essay, not just a collection of paragraphs.

You will submit your materials as a single zip file to your History Blackboard page.