Triad E Final Portfolio (Due Tuesday, May 10th - Via Blackboard!)

Take this assignment seriously, as it will account for a major portion of your final grade (Seminar: 20%, Composition (if applicable): 10%, History: 10%) in each of the Triad M courses.

Portfolio Theme: First-Year Survival Guide

This purpose of this portfolio is to have you reflect on your entire first year/semester of college. Consider yourself a mentor for a future First-Year Islander and provide honest and constructive advice. Take this assignment seriously, as it will account for a major portion of your final grade (Seminar: 20%, Composition: 10%, History: 10%) in each of the Triad M courses.

Step 1: Questions to consider as you brainstorm/freewrite. You may also consider your own questions.

  • How have you changed over time this year as a first-year student? How have you remained the same?
  • What advice did you receive before you began college, and then ignored, then regretted ignoring?
  • What did your learn about collaboration, teamwork and community in Triad E?
  • Having been a member of Triad E, what do you see as your role student and citizen in the United States?
  • In what ways has Triad E tested your ability to solve problems and/or encouraged you to try new learning strategies?
  • How has your approach to writing/reading/studying changed in this first-year?
  • What's your best advice to an incoming first-year student who will be in a learning community in Fall 2016?

Step 2: Choose evidence that proves what you wrote about is true. (For example:If you said you'd wish you'd started studying sooner for an exam, include that not so great exam grade as evidence!)

Step 3: Write a reflective letter to an incoming first-year student who will be joining a learning community next fall, drawing on the questions to consider above, and describing and explaining what "evidence" you're giving to them. Since this is a letter, follow the conventions of this genre (Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, 1" margins, block paragraphs, a salutation and a closing). The letter should be a minimum of 750 words and a maximum of a 1000 words.

Step 4: Put together your First-Year Survival Guide (your reflective letter and the supporting evidence). You will need to submit this via Blackboard. If you sign a release, then we'll really give it to a first-year student next year!

Nuts & Bolts

  • The letter should be formatted according to the guidelines specified in Step 3 above.
  • The portfolio is due via Blackboard, Tuesday May 10th. No emailed portfolios will be accepted, as per Triad E official policy!

Evaluation Criteria

  • The letter is interesting, sincere, and compelling. The writer has clearly attempted to engage his or her reader.
  • All claims that are made in the letter are substantively supported with specific evidence and example - written work, photographs, and other textual sources/evidence.
  • Evidence must be organized and labeled to help the reader navigate easily through your selections. Evidence must be explicitly referred to in the reflective letter. (For example: In section titled History, you will find a selection of lecture notes from Dr. Martin's lecture on American Indians and those on the American Revolution. These notes represent how much my note taking skills have improved...)
  • The letter and evidence are representative of both the academic and social aspects of college life and are appropriate for the prospective audience.
  • Like any good piece of writing, the letter has a clear and concise introduction, a body that uses transitions to move seamlessly from one topic to the next, and a satisfying conclusion.
  • The letter is constructed using well-developed paragraphs and strong topic sentences.
  • The letter has few, if any, surface errors. Readers are not distracted by problems with punctuation, spelling, usage or other standard conventions of English.
  • There are NO sentence errors.
  • The letter follows genre conventions and formatting guidelines.

Triad E Portfolio Rubric Spring 2016