Before we begin...

Think about the scores you earned on the ID portion of Exam #1 in History. Did you earn mostly 7s and 8s? Did you get any 9s or above? Were you happy with the results?
What do you think defines a "perfect" answer for an ID term to Dr. Martin? What kinds of things should your IDs include to earn a 10? (Do you think it's really possible to earn a 10? If so, how many students do you think actually earned a "10" on ANY ID term on the first exam?)

Let's try something different...

  • You will have 7 minutes to write out a definition of your assigned term, using any resources you have at your disposal (besides one another)
  • Let's discuss the terms!
  • Now, group up based on my instructions!
    • Your job will be to GRADE the IDs I've given you on a 10-point scale
      • Each person must read and grade each ID individually, writing down your individual scores on your own sheet of paper
      • After everyone has read/scored all of the IDs for your group, compare your results and come to a consensus on a group score for each ID
    • Finally, come up with an overall average for the IDs that you graded!


  • How'd they do? What was your highest/lowest/average score?
  • Any 10s? (If not, what's the highest score you gave? Let's look at it together!)
  • What were some common elements that were missing? (The who/what, when, where, or why/significance?) Did anyone have stuff in their definition that isn't from lecture notes?
  • How LONG were the answers? (How long SHOULD they be?)
  • Was this task difficult? (How long do you think it would take you to grade 696 of them, plus 232 essays? :P)