Triad K Fall 2016 : Human Trouble

Instructions for the Triad K Portfolio/Final Exam

Will take place on: Thursday, December 8th CI 138 - Large Lecture Hall 11:00am-1:30pm (History final exam period)

Throughout the course of the semester, you have been collecting documents that you have determined to be significant to your Triad K experience. . Over time, you have begun tracking your own progress in Triad K and at TAMU-CC. In this Triad K portfolio, we are challenging you to reflect on your learning process and growth as a student over the last 16 weeks within Triad K and at university. Some Frequently Asked Questions about Portfolios...

On the day of the portfolio final, you will bring your collection of work from your Triad K courses to the final exam. You will construct your Triad K portfolio and write your Final Reflection during the final exam period.

The Triad K portfolio will be graded on three elements:

  • the Final Reflection
  • the Portfolio Evidence
  • the Portfolio Organization.

Your Final Reflection: Your final reflection is an essay in which you will share with us "your story" of your first semester at university. In doing so, this reflection will overlap the personal with academic writing so that the reader(s) may get a glimpse of what your semester within Triad K and at university has been like. It is also the document which ties your Triad K portfolio together. The reflection should also guide the reader through the contents of your portfolio. You will write this reflection in a blue book.

Your reflection should address the questions below. The questions listed below are listed to help you prepare for the final reflection. One of the five questions listed below will be very similar question that will appear on your portfolio final. Your essay must be at least five paragraphs long, but probably longer. Discuss your evidence, provide thorough examples, explain them and elaborate as much as possible.

1.) How have you developed your critical thinking skills or ways of thinking- about any subject, content, or problem? How has the quality of your thinking or your world view been changed significantly since you began college? How has writing become a process of discovery for you?

2.) How have you clarified personal values, goals and strengths this semester? How have they helped you to become a better student?

3.) How have you developed your ability to learn through study, discussion, writing, cooperation, and collaboration with your peers?

4.) How have you developed your skills through specific writing and research processes (drafting, editing, revising)/(identifying a topic, locating sources, evaluating sources) in Triad K? Which assignments have challenged you to do this the most?

5.) How have you developed your communication skills based on your ability to analyze and interpret complex issues/ideas in a variety of texts? How have you been successful in using your creativity to communicate your ideas and knowledge?

Selecting Evidence An effective portfolio will not include everything you have done for each of the Triad courses. You must take an active role in choosing work to include. In other words, you are responsible for selecting evidence that you think best demonstrates your performance, your learning, and your development of specific skills and knowledge. You are responsible for helping portfolio-readers understand your choices. Your selection should include evidence from all Triad K courses.

You will need to be selective about what you include in your portfolio. (Think: Which assignments have had the most meaning for you?) Discussion of the evidence should fully explain WHY this specific assignment/learning experience is significant, and what this particular piece of evidence represents.

Organization: The portfolio is a presentation of your work. Therefore, it should be organized in such a way that is easy for you and the reader to navigate. You MUST provide a Table of Contents. You will turn in the evidence you select in a folder that contains your Table of Contents, and the blue book containing your final reflection essay at the end of the exam period on Thursday, Dec 8th. There are free folders available in Faculty Center 113. Stop in and pick one up!

A Note on Grading: Triad K Portfolio /Final Exam is worth a substantial percentage of your overall grade in all Triad K courses. Check your syllabi to determine the percentage for each course. Your seminar and/or composition instructors will grade the portfolios.

A Note on Pre-Writing your Final Reflection: You may not bring in a pre-drafted essay to the exam. You will be given a prompt on the day of the exam to answer in class. You are, however, strongly encouraged to begin pre-writing some answers to the prompts above. Doing so will make for a stronger reflective response! Some additional information on reflective writing!

The Rubric we will use to grade your portfolio:Triad K Final Rubric

Adapted directly from Triad K Fall 2013 written by Dr. Laura K. Muņoz, Dr. Wendy Walker, Professor Tasha Aschmutat, Professor David Galindo and Professor Amanda Marquez.