• Reflect on the Chapter you read for homework from EAA and freewrite during the allotted time.


  • Use one of the Rhetorical Devices (Tropes) from the book to compose a statement about your research topic.
    • Add this sentence to the end of today's freewrite.
    • I'll take volunteers to see if we can demonstrate each kind!

Incorporating Sources

  • Changing gears a little, let's discuss how to best use your research material to reinforce your ideas.
    • Summary, Paraphrase, and Quotation
      • Be selective with your quotes; if you can paraphrase something, you probably should. Direct quotation should be reserved for things that you couldn't have said better yourself!
    • APA style!
      • Take a look at this Argument Example and make note of what it does well (or doesn't do well!)
      • As a class, let's discuss the way this should translate in your own writing.
    • Literature Review?
      • The background section of your essay may or may not include a list of key sources about your topic. Let's talk about whether this should be the case for your essay and, if so, how to go about it.


  • Read Chapter 14 in EAA
    • We'll start figuring out presentation stuff and exploring visual rhetoric next Monday!