Sean's sick :( Class is cancelled today

BOTH of Rita's classes (Sections 526 and 527) will meet in CS 114 at 11am for Seminar!


  • Freewrite today about Chapter 15 in EAA!

Presentation Prep

  • Learn from the and make it !
  • Thinking about audience:
    • Language choices (jargon, slang)
    • Attention (limiting data, participation, etc.)
  • Developing structure:
    • Beginning-Middle-End (clearly define the parameters)
    • Strong finish (avoid rushing through it & make it memorable!)
  • Be the expert:
    • Make eye contact
    • Stick to the main topic (don't get distracted by a sub-point and lose your audience's engagement)
    • Move around; you don't have to stand in one spot the entire 5 minutes!
    • Practice not saying "um"
    • Smile!
  • Let's take a few minutes to brainstorm some ideas about your presentations that can help them stand out.

Discussion and Practice rhetoric

  • Find or create (it doesn't have to be perfect, think of it as a draft for your presentation!) an image that you can use to represent one of the claims you've made in your draft.
  • Pair up with someone else in your Presentation Group and examine each other's image and claim.
  • Check out the Checklist for analyzing images.
  • On your copy, answer the questions from the checklist about the chosen image as you discuss it with your partner.
  • When everyone is done, we'll take some volunteers to present your work to the class!

Remember that citation is important in your visual presentations, too!

If you use an image from the web or a video that was not created by you (you should only be doing this in a limited way, anyway), you must cite the source!!

  • Time to sign up for your final conference with us!


  • Bring a Rough Draft of your final writing assignment to class.
    • If you bring physical copies, print two of them.
    • If you prefer an electronic version, upload it to your wiki before you come to class.