Interview Follow-Up

  • Today, I'd like you to get some different feedback about your claim.
    • Find a different partner than you worked with Monday.
    • Read the first question from your homework and the answer that you gave to it.
    • Your new partner should follow this up by asking you their own question, based on your answer to the first one.
    • Continue this spontaneous questioning until you've answered at least five questions about your topic!
  • When you're finished, I'll have you freewrite about the difference between the two interview processes and we'll discuss the results.

Topic Selection

  • In preparation for your library visits on Friday, you'll need to determine some methods for researching your topics!
    • If you have narrowed down to one topic already, you can focus more intensely on identifying the appropriate keywords for your search.
    • If you're still undecided, you should focus on one of your ideas for the purpose of this exercise. (You can apply this practice to a different idea later, if you change your mind)
  • I'll guide you through the worksheet and help answer any questions you may have, but you'll need to do the legwork on your own!


  • Finalize your broad topic selection and be prepared to use it in the library on Friday
    • Meet in the Library Instruction Room(?)