• Pre-Freewrite
    • Write the potential topic you are exploring, and then list the titles of the articles you've found (you should have a minimum of 3 articles!)
  • What's something new you've already learned from skimming the articles? Be specific!
  • Explain what you want to learn by researching this particular subject.

Investigation Practice!

  • Let's examine some of your research practices so far and see what works and what we can improve on!
  • Next, I've got some helpful activities for understanding plagiarism and Library of Congress searches.
    • These concepts should help guide you in both finding new sources and utilizing the ones you've found so far.
    • There may be some bonus points available for your successful participation in these activities!


  • Read Chapter 18 in EAA, Evaluating Sources (it's super short!), and be prepared to discuss it on Wednesday.
    • You do not need to write a Reading Response for this reading.
    • Instead, begin thinking about composing some of the information for your first three Journal entries, based on the ideas in this chapter!