• Think about the main ideas from Chapter 18: Relevance, Credentials, Currency, Accuracy, etc. (Refer back to your book if you need to!)
    • Freewrite for a while about the kind of descriptors you could use in your Journal Entries to contextualize the sources you've examined so far.

Evaluating Sources

Library Preparation

  • Check out the "Homework" link on Blackboard!
    • You should upload a draft of each of your first 3 Journal Entries by midnight on Friday.
    • Each entry counts for a full homework grade (30 points total)! Don't skip this; they're just drafts, after all...
    • The questions listed in the first two sections of the Research Journal description should help guide you, but the structure of these is not as formal as an APA formatted assignment (i.e. don't worry so much about structure as about content).


  • Meet in the LIC, downstairs in the Bell Library on Friday!
  • Use today's discussion and activities to help you complete your first three Journal Entries by midnight on Friday.