• Today, I'd like you to think back to the example that I asked you to read.
    • How does this demonstrate the difficulty with breaking down arguments? (Think about the terms explicit and implicit!)
    • What relevance does this have to the sources that you're investigating?

Journal Entries

  • First, let's talk about assignments and submission practices...
    • Using the Libguide!
    • Scholarly sources (and Ulrich's)
    • Alternative databases!
    • Blackboard
    • Rhetorical Situation
    • APA citations
  • Then, let's talk about how these early drafts can be improved so that they're valuable parts of the construction of your own arguments!
  • Finally, we should spend some time discussing how the library visits can help you continue your search for information and perspectives!

Data Mining

  • Including details from your sources is critical preparation for constructing your argument.


  • Evaluation is very important for our librarians!
    • Take the rest of the class time to complete this quick survey, based on our trip to the Bell Library last Friday.
    • Your instructor was Lisa Louis and our course number is ENGL 1302


  • Read Chapter 19:Using Sources in EAA.
  1. Choose one question from page 420 that you can best answer with your current research and answer it.
  2. Choose two bullet points from pages 428-433 and explain (each with it's own paragraph) how it applies to your research.