Pathos & Ethos

  • We'll be using the epages in your EAA text to examine some examples of how Pathos and Ethos are used both effectively and, sometimes, ineffectively.
  • Then, I'd like you to have a little practice with your Rhetorical Analysis speech!


  • Add your name and speech to this list.
  • Read Chapter 4 from EAA. Complete a Reading Response in which you respond to the following prompts:
    • What are the four types of evidence described in Chapter 4? Define each in your own words, and provide an example (not from the chapter text).
    • In your own words, define the three types of logical structures for argument discussed in the chapter.
    • Browse this article for some scientific discoveries that logical appeals have been made from (eg. We should reduce carbon emissions; we should vaccinate; we should protect endangered species). Choose one of the examples and discuss why a logical appeal may or may not be effective.