Today's freewrite

  • Today, we'll be drafting your proposals!
  • Begin your freewrite with the words "The problem with [insert topic here] is ___________."
  • Elaborate from there!

Proposal Discussion

  • What kinds of proposals are there?
  • What are the key ingredients in an academic proposal?
  • Aristotelian, Rogerian, or Toulmin? (What are the differences?)
  • Feasibility!
  • Finally, Design and Visuals?!?!

Proposal Drafting

  • Look at the examples of proposal theses on p.291 of EAA.
    • Based on your freewriting, brainstorm your individual claims on a sheet of paper. You've got 10 minutes.
  • Get together in your topic groups!
    • Work in groups to communicate and establish your individual argumentative goals
    • Discuss how your goals demonstrate something about the theme you're organized around.
    • Take notes to use when you determine whether or not to present together!!
  • Next, return to your computers for some drafting.
    • Individually, address each of the key elements listed on page 292 of EAA.
    • We'll use these drafts to consolidate your Journal work on Wednesday.


  • Final Research Journals due Thursday before midnight on Blackboard!
    • Work on finalizing the other two components of your Research Journal as you consider how to revise your Proposal draft.
    • Define your thesis using the Toulmin method (Claim, Reason, Warrant). We'll use these elements Wednesday to focus your Proposals.
    • Remember that this Proposal is what I'll be basing my evaluation of your potential FYRC application on!