• Freewrite about two of the kinds of argumentation that you read about for homework: Factual and Definition
    • Consider some of the key advantages of each form of argument
    • Apply these strengths to your topic and research
    • Consider whether these are effective ways for you to construct your argument

Discussion & Application

  • Let's talk about how these forms of argumentation apply to your topics.
  • Use the Argumentative Guide to aid you in outlining your argumentative paper. We'll be talking about this in detail in the coming week.
  • On your wiki page, create a WP3 link and compose two claims, one factual and one definition-based. List at least 3 reasons you could use to support them. Remember:
    • Claims should be arguable and debatable. They can't simply state a fact we all agree on.
    • You must be able to support your claims with reasons and, eventually, evidence based on your research.
  • You'll have 20 minutes to compose these; use your time wisely!

Test Them Out!

  • With the person next to you, share one of your claims and the reasons you've provided to support them.
    • Your job as audience is to determine whether this claim is convincing and whether the reasons provided are valid!
    • Try to spend about 5 minutes each on these (10 minutes total in your pair)
  • Once you've discussed these with each other, I want you to turn to the person on the other side of you and repeat the process with your other claim!

First Year Research Conference

  • Let's go over the guidelines for the FYRC!


  • Practice composing some of your claims, as you would use them in your essay.
    • Keep in mind the Argumentative Guide.
    • Consider the feedback you got from your peers today, as well!
  • Read Chapter 10 in EAA
  • There will be a Reading Response due Friday over Chapters 10 & 11!
  • Fill out the application form for the FYRC, based on the feedback from your proposal arguments, and bring them on Wednesday!
    • Additional added incentive: If you return a submission form on Wednesday, you'll receive an automatic replacement grade of 100 on a homework assignment!