Logic Structuring

  • For any problem, you must first determine what variables dictate the possible solutions.
    • Let's practice creating truth tables with these examples:

a. The sun is hot but it is not humid.

b. If Calvin doesn't pass then he will lose his scholarship and drop out of school.

c. If it rains and you don't put on a poncho then you will get wet.

d. If your car won't start or you don't wake up on time then you will miss your class and you will not get a good grade.

e. If you elect Rod Silva then he will make sure that the federal budget will be balanced, partisan wrangling in Washington will cease, and there will be no cuts in social security benefits.

f. If the cake gets hot the icing melts and if the icing melts the cake cannot be used at the State of the University luncheon.

g. If the Houston Astros win the world series and the Houston Texans win the super bowl then Houston fans will be overjoyed and dance in the streets.

Logic Answers