Term Time!

  • Today, we'll be spending time with the Study Guide!
    • I'd like you all to work in groups to define some of the terms; then, we'll move on to some image analysis.
    • I'll get you started and then give you instructions for accomplishing our goals for the day :)
  • Introduction to Final Portfolio!


  • Coming of Age in Mississippi Reading Response will be completed in composition on Thursday over Chapters 26-28 !
  • Facilitation #3 -- Groups need to set up a time to meet with me this week or early next week! You must complete your lesson plan BEFORE you meet with me!

Thursday, April 18th , "Vote or Die" Chapters 26-28

  • Section 452: Kristina, Colin, Q, Allisan, Jon
  • Section 453: Christian, Joyce, Felicia, Brittany V., Jeselle, Ashley E.
  • Keep in mind the rest of the semester...