• Think about the main idea from NWWK 2.6: "Texts Get Their Meaning From Other Texts" (Refer back to your book if you need to!)
    • Let's discuss!

Evaluating Sources

The problems with news are things we can practice identifying in our research:

  • Let's check out Points of View, ProCon to find an interesting, debatable topic.
  • Use Access World News to find a news story about the topic you selected.
  • Compare your news article (popular source) with a google scholar article about the same general issue and record your findings in today's freewriting thread.
  • Between now and Monday, you'll be working on a shitty first draft of a Comparative Analysis of the two. Look for it in Blackboard!
    • Using these resources, you can investigate the perspectives that are defined around an issue you've researched.
    • Try to find varying perspectives in the news, then discuss and record any differences you might have about the PoV or ProCon topic in your freewrite thread.
    • These are the kinds of things you should continue to do to on your own to demonstrate how your writing plays a role in your understanding of your research (and that you can include in your portfolio!).


  • On Thursday, we'll be using the 3rd Threshold Concept (pp. 48-58).
    • Be sure to have read this short section by our next class meeting.