Exam #1 Workshop Time!

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Divide and Conquer

  • Let's get into groups!
    • Let's examine some of the terms from the Study Guides!
    • In pairs, define the term I assign to you randomly (Who/What, When, Where, and WHY/Significance)
    • Compare your definitions. Specifically focus on the SIGNIFICANCE of each of your terms. If you need help or would like me to check your answers, call me over! (That's what I'm here for!)
    • Post complete definitions to each of your group's terms HEERE.
  • Finally, let's look at the Lecture Study Guides! How do you plan to use them?


  • Quiz over materials from last Thursday's lecture and the chapter readings on Thursday,(2/14) in History. :)
  • Coming of Age quiz over chapters 7-9 will be on Thursday,(2/14) in Seminar !
  • For Mayra's class: the Rhetorical Analysis Essay is due Friday, 2/15 by 3pm in my office (FC126). Since she won't be here, I will be collecting them for her!
  • Exam #1 is Thursday, February 21st! Mark your calendars !
  • SI Sessions w/Martha this week! (CASA, 108B)
    • Monday: 1-1:50; and
    • Tuesday 2-2:50pm;
    • Wednesday 12-12:50.
  • Scholarship Opportunities!
  • Coastal Bend Social Forum