Day Two!

  • Questions/Comments? Concerns?
  • Turn in your profiles!


  • We'll be meeting in my office (FC126) next Tuesday to discuss some Major Triad Assignments!

A Little Reminder?

  • Let's take about 15 minutes discuss some important things about your success this semester!
    • First, take out a piece of paper (You can tear & share with your neighbor)
    • Next, rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 in terms of your ability to multitask.
    • Finally, write down some of the things you do while you are studying. Be sure to think about different kinds of studying, reading, writing, practicing vocabulary, etc.
    • After you've had a chance to get a few things in writing, I'll ask for you to share your habits & routines with the class!
    • This article has some interesting news that you might relate with...


  • Be sure and read chapters 1-3 of Coming of Age in Mississippi (COAM) before Thursday, 1/31. There will be a quiz in Seminar!
  • Tomorrow is the last day to register/add classes!