• Freewrite:
    • Spend at least 5 minutes today reflecting on your ideas for research in the second half of this semester.
    • What did you learn about your interests from your Analysis Portfolio? Are you planning to follow through with the same topic or switch gears?
    • Write about where you might take your investigation next and whether your topic focus has changed or been reconfigured over the last week.

  • Proposal writing!
    • Writing a proposal can be very simple, but you'll want to think about how your audience is comprised of academics, as well as your peers that are pursuing academic goals.
    • Let's take this one step at a time.
  • Keep in mind that most of the basic requirements of the FYIC proposal should be included with your blackboard submission, too:

Note: The FYIC is canceled due to the pandemic. You'll still be expected to produce a proposal as part of our introduction to academic writing, but the link to submit it is no longer for submission to the conference.

A) Title

B) 200-word Proposal (Must include credible references and/or evidence of primary research! References do not count in word count.):

C) Bibliography (even one source is sufficient for now)

D) Names of all presenters


  • Read NWWK Threshold Concept 5 (pgs. 71-79) for next week.
  • Submit your proposal on blackboard by the end of the day Sunday.