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* You'll have 20 minutes to compose these; use your time wisely!
* You'll have 20-30 minutes to compose these; use your time wisely!
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%center%'''[+Argumentation & Writing to Learn+]'''%rfloat width=380%

* Using your sources to inform your writing may seem like a straight-forward task; however, the interpretation, synthesis, and integration of source material to construct an argument requires more than just access.

* Let's talk about some integration concepts that you should consider for your %newwin%[[Sample Essays|argument essay]]:
** Literature Review
** Direct quotes & Paraphrases
** Summarization
** Filling gaps (you don't need all the answers!)


%center%'''[+Discussion & Application+]'''

* Let's talk about how argumentation applies to your topics.

* Use the %newwin%[[Argumentative Guide]] to aid you in outlining your argumentative paper. We'll be talking about this in detail in the coming week.
* Create a new doc and compose two claims, one based on facts from your research and one based on defining something about your topic. List ''at least 3 reasons'' you could use to support them. Remember:
** Claims should be arguable and debatable. They can't simply state a fact we all agree on.
**You must be able to support your claims with reasons and, eventually, ''evidence based on your research.''

* You'll have 20 minutes to compose these; use your time wisely!


Final Portfolio discussion: Multimodal=Multiple %newwin%[[|Genres]]



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