Critical Analysis:

The final collection of your work, along with artifacts of your writing process and a reflective overview of your work is due this Friday, by midnight, in Blackboard.

This project is designed to give you practice and experience with the following:

  • Reading college-level texts;
  • Working with composing processes;
  • Analyzing primary and secondary source material;
  • Learning and using rhetorical principles in reading and writing;
  • Honing your academic documentation skills.

Think about these objectives as you review the writing you've done so far. Make revisions and additions today to better demonstrate these objectives!

When submitting your portfolio, you need to create a .zip file of your work and upload it via the "Course Content" link in Blackboard.

  • Organize your work in folders
  • Title files and folders meaningfully
  • Use the Windows zip tool or compression tool in Mac iOS, not a third-party compression tool. Otherwise I may not be able to open it.
  • Write your Reflective Overview with the Rubric in mind. Describe the way each piece accomplishes something for the rubric and the project goals.

Proposal Discussion

  • What kinds of proposals are there?
  • What are the key ingredients in an academic proposal?
  • What the heck is Toulmin? (Why do we need to know?)
  • What are we proposing for?
    • A caveat: LC students and presenting your freshman capstone projects?
  • We'll talk more about proposals after Spring Break!

Schedule Conferences for Thursday

  • Next class period, we'll meet in my office individually to discuss research topics for your proposals.
    • Prepare for these by continuing your analysis investigation and/or exploring new interests.
    • Bring your ideas to the conference. I expect you to have some things to discuss, so don't come empty-handed (-headed?)!

Today is voting day!

  • Are you registered to vote?
  • If you're registered, you can vote at any of these locations until 7pm tonight! There's one here on campus!