• I will return your graded Exam 2 at the end of today's class.

Questions about Historical Significance Essay #2? If you were not in Seminar last Tuesday, you need to come talk with me after class to discuss this assignment and select an image.

Note about grades/percentages in Seminar:

  • Learning Community Assignments - 20%
  • Historical Significance Essay #1 is 10%
  • Primary Document Analysis Activities are 10%
  • Historical Significance Essay #2 is 15% of your grade.
  • Triad K Portfolio - 20% of your grade.
  • Student Archive and Reflections - 15%
  • Participation - 15%
  • Attendance - 15%

Notes about percentages/grades in History:

  • Quizzes - 10%
  • Historical Significance Essay - 10%
  • Triad K Portfolio - 20%
  • Exams - 60%
  • Exam 1 - 15%
  • Exam 2 - 20%
  • Exam 3 - 25%


So What's Left?

  • Let's do some reflection in the form of a Q&A about the Historical Significance Essay #2

  • Your final Student Archive "check" will be on T 11/20 - the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.
    • If you will not be in class that day, you will need to bring your Student Archive to class on TR 11/15 (that is this Thursday).

*REMEMBER* You will select the most significant documents from your Student Archive to include in your Triad K Portfolio. You will not include everything from your Student Archive - the idea is that the Student Archive will give you a bounty of options to choose from so that you can create a Triad K portfolio that truly reflects your experiences, growth, development, etc. over the course of this semester as a first-year Islander and a member of Triad K.

Return Exam 2

  • Before you leave today, I'd like you to look over your exams and reflect on your answers.
  • On your note card, write down some advice to yourself to help you succeed on Exam 3.
    • This may involve you doing things the same - or it may involve you making some changes. Be honest.
    • Write your name on this note card and submit it before you leave class today.