Quiz Day! (Last one!!)

Afterward, we'll be discussing how to use the exam materials more effectively in your exam essays.

  • Thursday will be a little bit different from normal. Dr. Munoz will be out of town for a conference, and so we will not meet in large lecture.
    • Sections 461 and 462 will workshop for your Symposium Project. Bring whatever materials you've worked on or are preparing!
    • Sections 443 & 444 will sign up for Thursday conferences

Dates to Remember:

  • Tuesday, November 29th- First Year Symposium is scheduled to take place in the University Center Ballrooms on the 1st floor from 9-3pm. Large lecture will meet on that day!
  • Thursday 12/1- Exam 3 review in Seminar! Be prepared to discuss Blowout and contribute to the discussion about the exam prompt!
  • Tuesday, 12/6- LAST DAY OF CLASS. EXAM 3 IS SCHEDULED FOR THAT DAY. Here is the Exam III Review!
    • Seminar will not meet on that day. I will be in my office from 9-10:45 am and from 12:30- 4:00 pm. Please feel free to come by and ask questions about the Exam Three content, Triad K portfolio etc. I will be available to help!
  • Thursday, 12/8- Triad K Portfolio Exam!