Interpreting Significance

  • Today, we're going to use some photographic artifacts (primary sources) to define historically significant events in U.S. history.
  • You'll be working in groups of 3
    to create the first part of the definition:

the who, what, when, and where,

U.S. History style!

  • Let's examine the images first and assign them to groups randomly for interpretation.
  • Your first goal, as a group, is to write a detailed description of the image assigned to your group, using any resources available to you, including your Created Equal text and the internet.
    • Focus on answering the first 4 W's: Who, Where, What, and When.
    • Provide as many significant details as you can!
    • Record where you got any information or ideas from, whether it came from the text or a website.
  • We'll share this information with the rest of the class in just a minute; but first, you've got one more thing to do:
  • Your next goal, as a group, is to formulate an argument, based on what you have learned, describing to your classmates why this would be a good choice of image to use for your Historical Significance Essay, Part 2!
    • Let's discuss this assignment before you move on!
  • Finally, you'll be expected to present your argument to the class.
    • Elect a spokesperson (you can share this duty, if you think it'll be effective to do so).
    • In 3 minutes per group, convince your classmates why this would be the best choice for your HS Essay #2.
    • Ultimately, you will get to decide which image you each want to use, but this exercise will help you make an educated decision about it!
  • Now your job is to select the an image from the slides on .
    • Once you've decided on an image, you'll need to complete the Who/What, Where, and When, like we did in class today, as well as:
    1. Explain the Why; in other words, describe the significance of the things represented in the image.
    2. Demonstrate how the idea of "Change Over Time" is relevant to the event/person/thing in the image.
  • Your essay, formatted to the specifications of the assignment description, must be completed by the 16th of November and turned in to me!