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'''[+Introduction to Symposium+]'''
%color=#0070ff%'''[+Library Stuff+]''' %rfloat width=250%

* %color=#0070ff%[+[[Fall2017ResearchHunt|Scavenger Hunt]]!+]


%color=#0070ff%'''[+Things to Think About:+]'''

* %color=#0070ff%'''[+Midterm Reflection+] (due Friday, October 20th, at 11:59pm)'''

* And don't forget about your next %newwin%[[Fall2017ReadingQuizzes|Reading Quiz]] next Tuesday, October 17th in Seminar!

* Some of you may have holds on your registration! You need to take care of them this month!

* '''How To Check Your Holds?''' Log into %newwin%[[|SAIL]] and click on Students -> Student Records -> View Holds.
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'''[+Introduction to Symposium+]'''