Welcome to Triad B!

Today's Agenda

  • Allow me to introduce myself...
  • Hurricane Harvey and who we are, then and now
  • So, What Is Seminar, anyway?

Things to Think About: An Icebreaker

  • Our school, city, and community were impacted by the recent storm, as you all are aware. Each of us, though, has our own story and perspective on this!
  • I'd like you each to write down three sentences that describe your experience with Harvey.
    • These can be narrative in nature, like mini-anecdotes; they can relate emotions or feelings you had; they can describe crazy things you saw; they could even talk about things you heard from friends, family, or on the news
    • If you need to write more than a sentence, you can, but brevity will help us share these as a class.
  • Once you've got your ideas on paper, I'll give you some more instructions!

Learning Communities and Triad B

  • Let's take a second to talk about the syllabus for this class, Blackboard, and Sociology as the focus of our LC

Other Stuff:

  • DUGS Ice Cream Social!
  • Free Microsoft Office Suite for Students
  • Harvey relief assisstance: Please call 361.825.9999, or toll-free at 1.888.234.4005, or email us at islanderhelp@tamucc.edu for assistance.