Navigating College

Quiz Feedback

  • Succeeding on quizzes:
    • Answering from a sociological perspective. Let's revisit the idea of the Sociological does this shape your quiz answers?
    • Using appropriate examples...with details. Numbers, dates, etc. are not the only kind of detail!
    • Elaborating effectively vs. rambling. Explain the "So What?"
    • Demonstrating that you "get it." If you're just guessing, you need to seek help/discussion/reinforcement before the quiz!
  • Succeeding at succeeding:
    • Email & other communication
    • Finding your way around Blackboard and other important tools
    • Remember the syllabus!

Something to Think About

  • For Comp: Daniel's Literacy Narrative (section 144) or Cris's Project 1 (sections 140 & 141) due on Friday (Huh? When? Where?)
  • Your next reading quiz is NEXT Tuesday. (You'll need the book for this one!)
  • Thursday's Seminar might involve some outside activity. Bring an umbrella in case of rain!