The Research Journal

Broad Triad M Topics

  • War
  • Capitalism/Consumerism
  • Immigration
  • A Specific Group in the Minority in the U.S.
  • Civil Rights

Since Triad M's focus is on United States history, your research focus must be national rather than global.

Step 1:

Select one of the 5 topics, and then narrow this topic to a specific research focus. For example, if I chose "A Specific Group in the Minority in the U.S.", I might choose to research the GLBT community. If I was to choose "War," I might choose to research a specific issue related to the Iraq War, such as veterans returning with disabilities. If you choose to research capitalism, narrow your focus to a specific issue, such as the bank bail out. Your topic must be approved by your instructor.

Step 2:

Conduct scholarly research. Use the databases.

Step 3:

Assemble your Research Journal
The research journal will consist of FIVE Source Reviews, a research log, and a final Research Journal Reflection

Some important notes:

  • You will each compile a research journal individually.
  • Once you commit to a topic, you will form groups based on the broad topics.
  • Each of you will find five (5) sources that are not duplicated within the group. Make sure the 5 sources you include in your individual Research Journal represent varying perspectives on the topic.
  • Each source will have its own entry, as outlined in the instructions for completing Source Reviews.
  • Journal entries will be gathered throughout the course of this project as hard copies submitted in class for homework grades.
  • The Research Journal (individual entries with reflective overview) is due March 7th at the beginning of class, as a hard copy in a folder.
  • A printed Rubric must be included in your folder.

After the Research Journals Are Completed...

As a group, you will collate your various research interests and collaborate to write a Group Research Proposal that will outline a multi-modal "Call to Action" on some aspect of your topics. Your group will present your oral/visual "Call to Action" to the Triad M community, and also have the option of submitting your proposal for acceptance into the First Year Research Conference.