Writing Project 3: The Group Research Proposal

Coordinate with at least 3 other people, no more than 5, who have chosen topics within the Triad M broad theme (war, consumerism, capitalism, civil rights, minority groups) that you chose. Based on your individual research, write a proposal in which you outline a group presentation that incorporates all sub-topics.

Compose your proposal by following the instructions on the First Year Research Conference site.

  • Your group does not have to actually submit your proposal to the FYRC selection committee, but you DO have to write a proposal and submit this for evaluation (your grade for WP 3).
  • If you are accepted to the conference, your group does have to commit to working with your instructors in Triad M outside of class in order to prepare a professional presentation.
  • The FYRC offers a great opportunity to share an original video, power point, etc. with a larger audience, and an opportunity to present your group's research in a scholarly way. If that's not incentive enough, if your group is accepted to the FYRC, adequately prepares outside of class for the presentation, and represents Triad M in a professional manner, your group will be assured of making an "A" on the presentation.
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