Argumentative Paper

Using Once Upon a Quinceanera as guide, formulate an argumentative thesis regarding the role of culture and community in American Society. You may base your argument solely on the Quinceanera ceremony, or you may choose to support your thesis with another American model (high school football, the automobile, hunting, shopping, food, weddings, etc.). If you choose not to write about the Quinceanera specifically, you may want to choose an aspect of American culture that relates to the topic you investigated for your Research Journal.

Prove your thesis by constructing a well organized argument using the Argumentative Guide and by using effective rhetorical devices.

Project Document Requirements The paper must follow the MLA academic method of documentation. In order to meet the requirements of the assignment, 6-8 pages are likely needed, typed, double-spaced, 1" margins, 12pt font. You will likely need in the range of 6-8 sources for this paper. Focus on locating books from the library or articles from the databases for your historical research. AVOID "GOOGLE" BASED SEARCHES. This paper will require multiple drafts, including evidence of peer response and including a fully evolved draft that you will present at a writing conference with your instructor.

* Print your final copy and bring it History Class on Wednesday, April 25th!